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Nako Lake

Nako Lake is a high altitude lake in the Pooh sub-division of district Kinnaur. It forms part of the boundary of Nako village and seems that the village is half buried in the lake's border. It is about 3,662 metres above sea level.

Located in Pooh subdivision, Nako Lake is 3662 meters above the sea level. The district of Kinnaur in which Nako Lake is situated is a picturesque landscape, perfect for a visit during the summer season to escape the warm blasts. Hemmed by Willow Trees and Poplar Trees, Nako Lake offers not only a soothing view to the nature lover, but also a serene resort to the religiously inclined. Willows and Poplars thrive best in the climate of Himachal Pradesh. Located nearby are the renowned Buddhist Temples and Monasteries.

Being in close proximity to Buddhist institutions, Nako Lake is a pilgrim destination for the Buddhists. After praying at the Padmasambhava Temple, they visit the lake to have a view of the tranquil landscape while breathing freely in the fresh breeze coming from Lake Nako.

It is said that Guru Rinpoche used to stay beside the Nako Lake. Said to have brought Tantric Buddhism in Tibet and Bhutan, Guru Rinpoche is revered by the Nyingma School of Buddhists who regard him as their Lord, a second Buddha. To commemorate his memory, a Buddhist Temple has been erected beside the Nako Lake and people, especially the Tantric Buddhists, visit the place to pay homage to him--

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